In China back in the Minh Dynasty there were as we today call the Special Forces that would guard the Emperor and the palace, these individuals would have to be the most skillful, most fearless guards and their job had no limitations as the protectors. They would have to be swift like the wind, strong like a hurricane and quiet as a butterfly. The citizens made a myth of a fire breathing black dragon that would destroy villages and opposing forces with its mighty strength. The word Hei means black and darkness and the word Long means dragon and strength, in translation Hei-Long: The Black Dragons.

After the Minh Dynasty was over, all of the superior guards to the palace separated and went on to live their lives throughout Asia. Many of them with their religious beliefs became monks and opened their own Temples of Buddhism. Many created their own style of training and taught only those who were worthy enough to carry the Black Dragons name. The style was past on from generation to generation and finally fell in the United States in mid 1900´s with Grand Master YB Wong. Grand Master Wong taught many Americans and at the end, the style landed in the hands of the great martial artist Grand Master GJ Torres.

There are many detailed stories in the new creation of the Black Dragons, but to really understand the complete style of the Black Dragons, you must complete the training of one!